From time to time we make products available to pre-order, so you can reserve it before it is in stock or otherwise available.

When will I be charged for a pre-order?
Your chosen payment method will be charged as normal when you place your order.

When will my pre-order items ship?
Each item available for pre-order will show an estimated shipping period on the product page and in your order confirmation email. This date range is approximate and may be extended due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control. We will contact you with an update on your order status if this happens.

Will other items in my order ship sooner?
No, if you add a pre-order item in your cart, that whole order will be put on-hold until the pre-order item is in stock. If you want to receive the other items earlier, we recommend you place a separate order for those items.

Can I cancel a pre-order before it ships?
Yes, but you can cancel only orders which include a pre-order article. To do so please contact with your order number.

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