Our founder Yara started assembling the Basic Necklaces herself in 2017, in Berlin at her kitchen table.

The phone necklaces that are available internationally in our shops today are a much slimmer and more contemporary version of phone necklace and are close to impossible to produce in Germany or Europe. This is why we looked for business partners in in Guangzhou, Southern China who are much better equipped to help us produce our ideal product.

Luckily the cliché that China only produces cheap and low quality products is not true anymore. All of our partners are small and medium-sized businesses, some of which are family. As a result of these partnerships we were able to learn why China is such a strong production location. They have a much denser supplier network within one region as it can be found in Europe and can therefore cooperate much easier and way more efficient. Processes like paint production, plastics processing and rope turning can be done effortlessly within a few kilometers on a world-class level and speed.

In our first attempt to find more sustainable materials and manufacturing procedures for products like our Crossbody Bags, we found materials like ECONYL® in Europe (Italy). But, the south of China will continue to be a strong manufacturing base for good reason.

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